Crossing The AndesThis travesía crosses the Andes mountain range between the Atacama Desert, Chile, and Salta, Argentina. Travelers to this region are given the opportunity to experience the beauty of volcanoes and salt flats interwoven between lakes and marshes throughout territory that rises higher than 4,000 meters. The trip can be taken from Argentina to Chile, or vice versa. In Argentina, guests can visit Salta, one of the oldest colonial villages in Argentina, and also travel the ancient route used during colonial times between the Viceroyalty of Peru and the Viceroyalty of La Plata. Travel through the Calchaquíes Valley, another ancient route and one that features an imposing landscape with traces of the Atacaman Indian culture and other pre-Columbian cultures that once inhabited this region.
The Cachi and Molinos villages here are important testaments to Spanish colonization.